The Goddess Campaign

Let Your Divine Beauty Shine

Please join us for our upcoming gallery and gala celebration.

Celebrate your femininity.
Become a goddess

Goddess art by Emily Pearl Photography

I Am A Goddess

Every woman has a story to tell and an inner goddess just waiting to emerge. The Goddess Campaign is a celebration of your femininity, your power, and your confidence. As we go through life, we can easily forget our inner beauty as the world tries to beat us down. This event is designed to remind you that you were created to be a divine, feminine, power meant to walk the earth sharing your light, beauty and love.

Have you ever wanted to feel like a goddess both inside and out?

As you step into our world of decadence, luxury, and comfort, you will be treated as the queen you are with the pampering and care you deserve. Delicious hor d'oeuvres, professional makeup and hair, and an exquisite wardrobe will make you look and feel like a true goddess. And, in the end, you will have stunning photos to remind you, every day, that you are a divine, elegant woman deserving of love, respect, and recognition.

The Process

The Goddess Campaign

Professional Hair Styling

Wardrobe Styling

Beautiful Infinity-Style Goddess Dress

Professional Makeup Application

Celebrity Style Photoshoot

A Goddess Celebration Retreat

Hair and makeup being done on woman for Emily Pearl Photography shoot
Woman in dark blue dress for Emily Pearl Photography shoot

Apply Now to be a Part of the Goddess Campaign

Campaign Application

Goddess art of Allison by Emily Pearl Photography

We respect your privacy. The waiting list does not guarantee acceptance, but we will
send you an application when the project opens!

The Goddess Campaign

Find out what our clients are saying

"It was an
amazing afternoon"

"I absolutely loved my session with Emily. I've never felt more beautiful and powerful. She made this experience amazing!"


Photoshoot of woman for Emily Pearl Photography

"The most fun I've had
in such a long time"

"I was blown away, the photos were beautiful. She captured a glamorous look, and my love of sports-side in all the photos."


Photoshoot of woman for Emily Pearl Photography

"An incredibly connecting
girl power experience"

"The reveal session was
so fun! I felt beautiful
and strong when
I saw those pictures."


Photoshoot of woman in black dress for Emily Pearl Photography