Emily Pearl Luxury Photography

When was the last time you felt empowered, gorgeous, confident, sexy?
It’s time to celebrate you!

Consultation for Emily Pearl Photography shoot


At your photography consultation we chat, connect and plan all of the details for your upcoming shoot. We talk about gowns and  accessories, but more important Emily gets a chance to really see you!

Hair and makeup being done on woman for Emily Pearl Photography shoot

Hair & Makeup

Every goddess needs beauty prep team, am I right? Your appointment includes hors d'oeuvre, wardrobe, hair and makeup by our exquisitely talented team. You will feel breathtakingly beautiful!

Woman in dark blue dress for Emily Pearl Photography shoot


Step in front of the camera, let your body move. Feel the electricity of the moment. Lean into the light, and unleash that smile. With Emily as your guide, you'll feel unabashedly, royally you.

Woman staring at printed photos on wall for Emily Pearl Photography shoot

Reveal & Order

What you are about to see at your photography reveal will change the way you see yourself from this moment on. Choose which images you'll treasure for your collection. See yourself as you truly are, a goddess!

Before and After Gallery

Get ready for your luxury, celebrity experience.

Emily has a secret. The ultimate outcome of your luxury photography experience isn't the photos you hang on your walls, it is the gift to be seen as you truly are, stunning in most breathtaking ways. Yes, your prints will illuminate the powerful work you do, enhance your home's decor, and light up your lover. But more importantly, you will see yourself with more confidence, more grace and more clarity. Because you are a goddess.

Family portrait of man, woman, and dog for Emily Pearl Photography shoot

What our clients have to say

Becky's headshot by Emily Pearl Photography

I would 100% recommend the experience. I had wanted to do it but then would talk myself out of it—just to be practical or tell myself I didn’t need this. But I am so glad I listened to my desire to be treated like a queen for the day and that the experience was worth it! I would share that with anyone and tell them they owe this to themselves to feel beautiful and share their story because as certain women we all have an amazing and beautiful story to share.

Tina's headshot by Emily Pearl Photography

When Emily showed me the photos at my reveal it was unbelievable that it was really me!! She has an amazing eye and I loved the pictures so much. I would recommend this to ANYONE that wants even just a glimpse into who they are through Emily’s camera. If you even need just a new headshot for work, this is the way to go. You’re worth the investment. I wish I could tell every woman that.

Valynn's four generation pictured by Emily Pearl Photography

I feel so fortunate to have done a multi-generational shoot with my mom and two of my daughters! I've always thought my mother was a very beautiful lady and of course I think my daughters are gorgeous. Having the whole makeup, wardrobe, and photoshoot was wonderful! I think we all felt like royalty. It's something I've never done before. I really enjoyed the feeling of connection we had through it all. It's hard to put into words how special it was. When we saw all our photos at the reveal I think we were in shock and awe! I don't see myself that way everyday, so when I looked at those images it was empowering. It gave me a sense of self worth that I haven't had in a long time. Emily captured the beautiful bond between a mother, daughter, and granddaughters. It was such a wonderful and special experience! 

Shantel's headshot by Emily Pearl Photography

Women over 40 have so much to offer in so many areas! By shining brightly, we give others the courage to shine for themselves. Women possess so much power and influence when we are living authentically and honoring who we are and who we are meant to be. I have never done anything like this before, it is worth it! Always invest in yourself. It's like a little self care present that just keeps on giving.

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40 Over 40 Is Back!

In 2022 we are highlighting 40 women, over 40 who have beat the odds, overcome the setbacks, and climbed the mountains to reach the summit of exquisite beauty and unparalleled poise.